A Boone neighborhood was shut down for most of the afternoon yesterday after an armed man, apparently in some personal crisis, caused the shutdown of the Hillcrest Circle area until after dark last night.  

Boone Police and Watauga Deputies sealed off the area at around 1:30 after their evaluation of the situation and the potential with the emotional distress the man was exhibiting, then redirected traffic away from the neighborhood, including foot traffic leaving Hardin Park School, although the school was not locked down due to the situation.  A perimeter was set up and negotiations went on for some 5 1/2 hours, residents trying to return home from work finding themselves stuck while lawmen worked to find a solution. Finally, around 7pm, the incident ended with the man voluntarily exiting his residence, transported to Watauga Medical Center for evaluation and treatment, and residents were allowed to return home.  Police say no injuries came from the situation and no charges have come from the incident.