Changes are underway in our weather, as a frontal system that crossed the mountains late this morning is bringing an end to our warmth, and bringing a new reality to our temperatures. Indian Summer is what many refer to as the warm weather after the first frost, and after three years of snow and cold arriving with Halloween,

we’ve had a wonderful stretch of warm weather. But today, that that is changing, with a frontal system hitting the High Country, and by lunchtime, the winds were already picking up. But the frontal system is ushering in some cold temperatures—those temperatures ushered in by high winds.  Those winds in the higher elevations could reach 50 miles per hour or more, the wind advisory from the National Weather Service kicking in as of noon today, running through Friday night.  The coldest of the cold air won’t fully be felt here even tomorrow morning, with a low predicted in the mid 30’s, but by Saturday morning, the lows are predicted in the mid 20’s, and Sunday brings the cold for real, with a low predicted at 22.  Those temperatures will get the attention of ski slope operators in the area, and we might see white slopes by the end of the weekend, and with the new capacities of area slopes to make snow, the ski season could be upon us very soon.  But watch out for the winds—then the cold.  But it should be a bit milder—maybe more seasonal—by the first of the week.