So what is life like as the new superintendent of Watauga County Schools?  Dr. Scott Elliott, as he completed his second month at the helm of the school system, said he’s the “Chief learner of the school system and that learning will be our core mission,” saying, “I love to learn, and that’s how I’m approaching this job.” We sat down together at Green Valley School for a conversation about where he has been and where education is going.  He said that the task in Watauga County is “Very familiar” as he has worked in the rural mountain communities of Brevard and Rosman, and said that the districts were very “community oriented,” seeing that community identity expressed in all nine school of Watauga County, each with strong community support.  In our first segment, Dr. Elliott the experience he brings to Watauga County, starting in teaching, then into a number of steps up through school leadership on his path to the superintendant’s office, and said “I’ve enjoyed getting to do lots of different things and being involved in most areas of operation of a school system which I think really helped to prepared me for being the leader of a school system, because I’ve done many of the jobs that I’m now asking other people to do. It helps me to be able to understand how to support our principals, how to support our central office directors, how to support our teachers.” More from Dr. Elliott in upcoming reports.