Boone Mayor Andy Ball released the letter drafted to the Southern Appalachian Historical Association about the Town Council’s decision to end the license of SAHA for the Daniel Boone Amphitheater, home of Horn in the West outdoor drama for over 60 years.  Ball’s letter said that, “SAHA has repeatedly conducted work on the property without a building permit or permission of the Town, at times utilizing workers who are not qualified to perform the work.” The letter pointed to electrical work on stage lighting, done “Without permission, as required, and using unsuitable materials and methods, creating a dangerous situation.” The letter goes on to point out SAHA’s failure to complete work promised before the start of the 2014 season, work still unfinished. Ball’s letter goes on to say that “The Town in good faith issued a conditional certificate of occupancy so that SAHA’s season could begin on time based on promises to do the work, and went on to point out the various violations of the agreement between SAHA and the Town. The Town Council, early Friday morning, emerged from a closed session and voted 3 to 2 to end the license for the theater area, but left intact the license for the Hickory Ridge Homestead area and its parking.