In a three to two vote, the Boone Town Council emerged from a long executive session in the early morning hours Friday to end the license with the Southern Appalachian Historical Association for their use of the Daniel Boone Theater, just as the season for the group’s Horn in the West production concluded.   Council members Quint David and Fred Hay joined Jennifer Peña in voting for the motion to end the license... Rennie Brantz and Councilwoman Lynne Mason voted against the motion.
Brantz saying it was “premature,” saying "I think it's much too harsh, I know there are serious problems, there have been violations, but I think this is too soon this decision to be made without thinking of what is going to happen with this space, how we're going to use it as a town." Mason saying she couldn’t support the motion, "I think it's a very extreme action to take. I am concerned about the repeated violations and the safety issues...but I feel this is too extreme."  But councilman Quint David said it was not a quick decision, "I've only been on the council for eight months, but this is a continuing issue the entire time, it's a public safety issue. Some of these same issues we're dealing with now were in the Green report seven years ago, so they've had seven years to address some of this stuff." And he said, "I don't think this is a hasty decision since its exactly the opposite."
The town notified SAHA of the electrical wiring violation receding its final week of performances, but that there was no response from SAHA. The town then took actions to secure the facility, including having the power turned off, but that power was restored in time for the final week of shows. The action, though, does not end licensure for Hickory Ridge Homestead on the property, leaving that operation intact for the remaining licensure. Mayor Andy Ball said that the town staff would prepare a list of violations to submit to the SAHA leadership with the notice of the end of licensure.