With a funeral to be held today in Missouri, there was a candlelight vigil and peaceful prayer in Boone Saturday evening for Michael Brown, the un-armed African-American teenager who was shot and killed by police in Ferguson Missouri last week.  The vigil was held Saturday night at US 321and NC 105, with organizers saying 100 or so candle-holding marchers showed their support for the family of Michael Brown, saying in their release that “Our belief that Black Lives Matter.”  The vigil included introductory remarks, prayer, readings, and some songs in addition to candlelight and shared silence. The release said “The NAACP mourns the shocking loss of Michael Brown. Our hearts are with his family, and all who were touched by his death.” It went on to say, “We need answers on his shooting – answers the Ferguson and St. Louis County Police Departments seem disinterested in providing.”  They went on to say their efforts will continue with the NAACP seeking to find the truth about Michael Brown’s killing.


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