The New River Advocates met last night at the Riverside Restaurant in Todd across from proposed site of the new water intake for the town of Boone with the promise of new information that might stand in the way of the construction. Just over twenty people came to the 6:00 pm meeting, hearing from New River Advocates on their  hopes to gather enough support stop the construction of the intake all together. Deborah Greene and Frank Packard, both Board Members for the New River Advocates, provided the new information during their Monday Night meeting about a document known as a C.L.O.M.R, or “Conditional Letter of Map Revision,”  a revision to the flood plain map for the area surrounding proposed water in-take which was applied for to F.E.M.A. and then terminated by F.E.M.A. The Town of Boone then applied for a “No Rise Certification”  through the Watauga County office of Planning and Inspections. The argument proposed by the New River Advocates is that if a C.L.O.M.R. is terminated or ultimately denied by F.E.M.A. a No Rise Certification cannot be issued by Watauga County ultimately making it impossible to continue the process of building the water intake. Just where New River Advocates will take that argument is their next step.