In a new strategy from opposition to the Boone’s proposed New River intake, the Ashe County Commissioners will be presented with a resolution in their meeting this afternoon, asking to amend a portion of the South Fork of the New River Watershed to Classification-C. New River Advocates, pushing against the plan for a water intake on the New River for the Town of Boone, encouraged the public to attend the regular meeting of the Ashe Commissioners at the Ashe County Court House and for supporters to voice their opinions on the reclassification resolution and how it might affect the proposed Boone Water Intake Project on the New River. The release says that Frank Packard and Deborah Greene will speak to the reclassification of the watershed back to the original Classification-C, which would allow for recreational uses, fishing, fish propagation and agricultural uses in the watershed area near Todd and the Brownwood community. The current drinking water designation, Watershed-IV, was changed by State of North Carolina regulators (DENR) in 2009, and their release called it “Much more restrictive of private property rights,” and “Unusually burdensome to property owners.”  That meeting is at 1.