A group of about 45 to 50 area residents met to turn the heat up on the Town of Boone in opposing the water project the town proposes to build to the New River at the Ashe County line, that with a second meeting last night in Todd. The group,  now calling itself New River Advocates, Inc., talked about strategies to stop Boone from building a new intake on the New River, calling it “Stop The Boone Water Grab.”
The speakers stated they wanted to share non-biased information on the proposed Boone Water Intake, saying the meeting was more important since Boone’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction was stripped, the town of Boone curtailing new connections it the ETJ surrounding Boone’s city limits.
Among reasons for opposition for the water intake, the lack of need by the town, the lowering of water levels and the effect on tourism, the environmental impact on the Todd Community and other down river areas of the New River, and water quality of the New River with increased pharmaceuticals in the river including the feminization of male fish.  There were debated points, as it was said that Boone was interested to starting a regional water authority to control water in the High Country Area, but Patrick Bevel of the Boone Water Board, there in attendance, quickly corrected Mr. Packard stating that the words used were not in regards to a regional water authority, but in regards to a regional water intake.
Deborah Greene, in charge of research and development for the New River Advocates, talked about what she called “the lack of common sense” and proposed more objections to the water intake. There was some question and answer period, then news for fund raising before the meeting was adjourned.

Photos:  John Roten