While the Town of Boone struggles to deal with issues—including water issues—stemming from the loss of extraterritorial jurisdiction, stripped by the NC General Assembly last month, they’re being challenged by a group now calling itself New River Advocates, Inc., who will hold a second public meeting next week to talk about strategies to stop Boone from building a new intake on the New River.  Calling it “Stop The Boone Water Grab,” the group announced the community meeting “to update concerned citizens”  for next Tuesday, July 29th, 6pm at the Riverside Restaurant on Railroad Grade Road in Todd. The release from the group says details of a proposed plan of action will be presented by Frank Packard and Deborah Greene, saying that they believe that the full story of the water intake project has not been told to the public by public officials. The release cites “Everything from costs and location of land condemnations, flood plain effects, watershed designations and implications for land owners rights, state and local water use ordinances, environmental concerns, assessments and jurisdictions, competing zoning jurisdictions,” calling these issues “poorly examined, and in some cases have been ignored or hidden from view of those with the most to lose.” The group says they are formulating long-term plan of action to stop this intake project from moving forward.  A referendum to fund the project was passed several years ago by Boone voters, but the project stumbled when it was found that an access road to the proposed intake would cross into Ashe County, and that was prohibited in a move by the Ashe County Commission. The town is proceeding with plans to deal with issues they have run into.