After the monsoon weather of the summer of 2013, the July 4th holiday in the High Country more than made up for the downpours and flooding of last year with a picture perfect chamber-of-commerce weekend.  At least it was here.  Down east, the visit of Hurricane Arthur made a mess of things along the coast, and although there was less damage than expected, there was probably more damage done to the businesses by lost business than any wind or water.  It was clear, however, that the High Country gained by the coastal losses, with huge crowds for most local events—parades, fireworks, concerts and the like.  The only downside—if you can call it that—was that it was downright cool Saturday morning—in the mid 40’s. Lots of folks in jackets took in mother nature’s blast of air conditioning and enjoyed the events—and certainly added lots to the High Country economy.  Cool weather?  We’ll take it.