Nathan Miller, chair of the Watauga County Commission weighed in on the issue of Boone’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction being stripped in a bill passed yesterday in the NC House.  Miller’s release promises that residents in the soon to be former ETJ will be heard in a public hearing on matters of desired protection.  Miller’s release:
The majority of the Watauga County Commissioners applaud the bipartisan passage of Senate Bill 865 which dissolves the Town of Boone’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  The people of the ETJ have now been freed from the regulation without representation imposed on them since the 1980s.  The hard work of our local legislative delegation, Senator Dan Soucek and Representative Jonathan Jordan, has delivered on their promise to uphold individuals’ property rights.

The Watauga County Commission will hold a public hearing in the coming weeks to hear from the citizens and real property owners of the former Town of Boone ETJ about ideas concerning some, if any, restrictions the citizens and real property owners wish imposed upon them by their elected officials.  The people of the ETJ will finally have a voice.

I would like to thank Senator Soucek and Representative Jordan for standing up for representative government—Nathan Miller, chair.