After much discussion, modification, giving and taking on a number of issues, the Standard of Boone is set to become a real estate reality, stretching its 5-story footprint between the radio stations and McDonalds, between Blowing Rock Road and Faculty Street.  But even as two major hurdles were on the Boone Town Council agenda last night, neighbor to the project Lynn White expressed the dismay of neighbors who will soon have a lot of neighbors looking straight into their properties, “This building not just structurally imposing, but it presents—really— an invasion of our privacy.”  But Tom Jamison put another spin on the project and future Boone development, “I can appreciate the concerns of the folks perhaps in the R-1 who got caught up in urban development, but that strip has been commercial of sorts—right now that stretch looks like the outskirts of Baghdad—but as far as the height, I think this town is going to have to consider height in the future over sprawl.” for some time In the end, with 14 conditions debated, some modified, and agreed to, councilman Quint David put forward the sequence of motions to move forward, approved unanimously. The project also received approval for its water allocation in a second item on the long night of agenda items, and the mixed use project could be housing students and businesses by 2016.