Sheriff Len Hagaman reports a suspicious incident from yesterday, with area law enforcement looking for suspects and their vehicle. The Watauga Sheriff’s Office report said that the caller from the western end of Watauga County reported a Subaru occupied by a male and female pulled into their driveway, and the male came to her door, claiming to work for Skyline.  The resident reported that they had not asked for any services from Skyline, and the couple left.  Being suspicious of the unsigned vehicle and its condition, the caller contacted Skyline inquiring if they had sent a service person to her house. Skyline official replied that they had not.  The Sheriff’s office report says the vehicle was a blue Subaru with a Tennessee tag and a broken window, that window covered in plastic and duct tape. Sheriff Hagaman said that if anyone encounters these suspects posing as Skyline or any other utility provider, or sees the described vehicle, contact local law enforcement.  There have been a number of reports of suspects trying to gain entry or information from residents posing as utility workers over the past months, and both utility companies and law enforcement want residents to be cautious, suspicious, and report any incidents.