The controversial parking situation at the Marketplace lot on West King escalated again over the weekend, this time with the arrest of one of the men watching the lot for parking violators.  The incident came to a head around 7:30 Friday night as thousands of locals and tourists were packing downtown, enjoying  the first First Friday Art Crawl of the summer season. Boone Police are expected to issue a release on the matter today, but witnesses on the scene say that an argument between the employee watching the lot and Boone attorney Charlie Brady turned into an assault with Brady allegedly pushed by the man.  But Boone Police were close by and keeping track of circumstances at the lot—that attention ironically coming after an employee had been assaulted a week or so earlier—but this time, they were on the employee quickly, taking him to the ground, cuffing him, according to the witnesses.  Police say the employee was taken into custody, but his identity and what charges might have come from the incident will await the release from police, expected today.  
Incidents at the lot have been controversial for at least a couple of years, with complaints of those with their cars booted heard on numerous occasions before the Boone Town Council, but also the operators of the lot watching service making their case of trying to prevent abuse of a private lot by those not patronizing the businesses of the Marketplace who are allowed to use the lot.  The issue will likely be back on the Boone Town Council agenda this month again.



Photos:  Brent Frank