Neighborhoods across the High Country are littered with leaves, limbs, some trees and other debris from an intense early morning storm that raked the area with high winds, rain, and some thunder, with some scattered power outages reported and low-lying power lines.  The system, which came with overnight severe thunderstorm warnings, even appeared to have a bow echo—radar return of a potential tornado at least forming up in the southwest corner of the storm as it hit the area about 1:30 this morning.  The National Weather Service reporting station at the helipad at Watauga Medical Center reported a 47 mile per hour gust at 1:55—that report notably from a lower altitude than much of the surrounding terrain.  The system that brought the overnight storm may still have more storms targeting the area today, with another large storm system crossing Kentucky with a bull’s-eye on the High Country.  The storm was almost the length of Kentucky and has some stronger storms on the back side, but shows some signs of weakening.  Predictions are for the storm to reach our area during the morning.