A Boone woman was trapped in her van after it careened down a steep embankment yesterday afternoon, causing a rescue effort to remove the injured woman from the overturned vehicle.  The crash occurred just before 1pm on as callers reported hearing calls for help from someone trapped in a van that was well off of Rich Mountain Road near the Meat Camp, causing a call for Meat Camp first responders, Watauga Rescue and Watauga Medics.  The state patrol said that the ‘92 Chevrolet van was found about 50 feet down off of the road near 4840 Rich Mountain Road, the woman entangled in and trapped by the steering wheel of the van. While rescue crews worked to free the woman, Medics called for a medivac chopper to be on stand-by, and Meat Camp set up for a landing zone, but as the woman was finally freed and returned to the road, the chopper was cancelled.  The investigating trooper said that Evelyn Miller, 24, reported that she blacked out while travelling Rich Mountain Road, and came to while the van was flipping over as it fell down the steep hill.  Evelyn Miller was cited for Left of Center in the crash that totaled her van.