The evening started with our first returns showing Nathan Miller winning Watauga County in the District Attorney’s race—a 300 vote margin here—but by the end of the night, Seth Banks surged ahead, and it appears he will be our next 24th Prosecutorial District Attorney.  But the results were in doubt until fairly late in the night, with Britt Springer showing strength in Avery—the next set of returns in, but then returns from Mitchell, Madison, and Yancey began to put Banks in the lead—first by about 350 votes, but then the 40% number started coming into focus, the number necessary to win the primary outright.  First there was 42% in his favor, then 45%, and the night ended with Banks taking almost 48% of the vote—stronger than any predictions.  In the end, totals for Banks were nearly 2000 votes ahead of Springer in second place, Miller in third with just under 2500 votes.  The canvass will come, then the votes will be certified, but with no Democratic opposition on the fall ballot, it looks like Seth Banks will take the office vacated by Jerry Wilson, who retired just over a month ago.