Watching the early voting figures, now complete, other counties in the 24th prosecutorial district outvoted Watauga voters percentage-wise, maybe showing strength for the campaign of Seth Banks, the one candidate of three not from Watauga County. Figures for Watauga by the end of Saturday saw 6.24% of Republicans in Watauga—896— had voted, while Mitchell Republicans almost matched that, with 815 votes, over 11% of the Republicans there voting early. Over 10% of Yancey Republicans, 8.26% of Avery Republicans, and 7.5% of Madison Republican voters cast ballots in the early voting as of Saturday totaling 2333 votes in the other four counties of the 24th compared to Watauga’s 896 Republican votes.  Even with Watauga’s larger population, a split of the Watauga Republican vote and strong returns for the other four counties of the 24th district might tend to favor Banks over Nathan Miller and Britt Springer.  The candidate winning the primary will face no Democratic opposition in November. All the speculation will end Tuesday, with the primary voting ending with the closing of the polls at 7:30.