While the line of weather that has torn communities apart is reaching the Carolinas, help from right here our area has already reached some of the areas hardest hit by the storm.   Samaritan's Purse trucks rolled out of Wilkesboro yesterday, one heading to Baxter Springs Kansas, another one loaded with supplies headed to Mayflower Arkansas.  Most of the 53-foot trucks are loaded with chain saws, tarps, wheel barrows—supplies needed to help in the  recovery efforts.   Samaritan’s Purse workers already on the ground sent cell phone video of what they are seeing in Arkansas where an entire community was devastated by a tornado.  Karina Petersen, of Samaritan's Purse told channel 9 news, "We're seeing houses and businesses completely flattened and leveled to the ground.   Debris is scattered everywhere." With more severe weather from the system racing across Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia yesterday, the command post in North Wilkesboro has employees monitoring the severe weather as it targets areas closer and closer to home.  What they are seeing is almost overwhelming.  Tim Haas of Samaritan's Purse said, "There's really too many counties and too much information for us to grab and understand right now what the area of greatest need is and what we can have the most impact."  With the storms still hitting numerous areas, Samaritan’s Purse is being extra careful with their supplies and crews as more storms are in the forecast where the trucks are headed, and heading east into the Carolinas.