The wife of a man missing on his way home Thursday was found dead Friday after a crash along Abington Road in Caldwell County.  The deceased man's wife says she searched for hours before finding him about 50-feet off the road. The highway patrol says the driver, David Holden, ran off of the road about a mile from his home, the impact throwing him from the truck.  The State Patrol says he ended up pinned underneath the truck, found there by his wife.  Lynn Holden says she saw the taillights were still on when she found the truck and she may have seen them the night before while searching.  When she did find the truck Friday morning, her grandchildren were with her.  She said she began looking for him Thursday night around eight when he didn't return from a friend’s house and said she saw marks on the trees, but it was Friday morning before she returned and went down to the truck, but said, “He was already gone." Investigators believe the truck hit an embankment and two trees before continuing down the hillside and out of sight from someone driving the two lane road.  They say they didn't find skid marks where the truck crossed the center line and may never know what caused the crash.  Investigators said they believe speed may have been a factor in this crash and don't believe Holden was wearing a seatbelt.


Photos:  Dave Faherty