The North Wilkesboro and Wilkesboro Police Departments have announced the arrests of 29 drug offenders resulting from joint undercover drug investigations between the two towns. various drugs in the community. The majority of the investigations were conducted using undercover officers to make purchases of cocaine, crack cocaine, prescription pills, crystal methamphetamine and marijuana. Many of the cases started with complaints from citizens about drug activity in their neighborhoods.
One investigation which has been ongoing for the past eight months was the sale and distribution of crack cocaine in both towns. The investigation started with a citizen complaint and continued from there. During the investigation investigators discovered that several individuals were bringing both crack cocaine and powder cocaine in large quantities into town from other jurisdictions outside of Wilkes County. Once the cocaine was in town the individuals would distribute the cocaine to other individuals for sale. As a result of this one investigation six suspects were charged. Investigators also worked with the other jurisdictions which have resulted in suppliers being arrested and charged and others being investigated currently. The six individuals charged locally from this case are: