So we’re gone from magazines to meats—the latest round of high-pressure door-to-door sales is being reported in complaints to area law enforcement. Monday, April 14th, the Watauga County Sheriff's Office received information regarding "door to door - high pressure," sales of meat, according to Sheriff Len Hagaman.  He said that a male and female were reportedly approaching residents in an attempt to sell meat by using high pressure tactics and even verbal intimidation. The Better Business Bureau out of Raleigh reports the same problem in other areas of the state, offer their own cautions over who you are dealing with and what you are purchasing. Sheriff Hagaman, in referring to the reports, said that citizens should be very careful, as similar sales have been reported in other areas of the county and North Carolina, reports that allege high pricing per pound, and substandard non FDA inspected meats, often sold out of a cooler.