It was a day of living a different life for a room full of volunteers, living the life of poverty.  Friday was ‘Poverty Awareness Day’ and ‘The State of the Child’ was explored in an event at Alliance Bible Fellowship as representatives from a number of agencies found the frustrations of living in poverty through a simulation.  Their simulation started with a whistle, then Jennifer Davis, of the Western NC Conference of the United Methodist Church, talked about the simulation, saying, “The simulation is intended to sensitize folks, but it’s also intended to make us think about what we can do.” After the simulation, the volunteers discussed the impact especially on children, then took a look at solutions with a discussion on ‘Bridges out of Poverty,’ and I asked Davis what comes from these events, and she outlined a number of ideas that have come from these simulations, and concluded with, “You want to help communities and help families?  Connect with Schools.”  She also said that people will be changed, “I was changed by this and I’ve seen other people changed by this.  One of the things that happened to me was to be moved to just do this as much and as often as I can. It changed me. It will change somebody in this room.”The event was sponsored by Circles of the High Country, the Children’s Council of Watauga County, and the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church.