There is some information from the Watauga Sheriff’s Office in the assault of a 17 year old male late yesterday afternoon.  The release says the teen was walking near Vannoy Lane when a truck with a black male and 2 Hispanic males drove up behind him and reportedly grabbed his backpack. The juvenile jumped in the back of the truck to try to retrieve it, but the three suspects exited the truck and allegedly began to assault the victim. As the suspects then got back into the truck, the victim again jumped in the bed of the truck as it drove towards Hollar and Greene Produce. The vehicle stopped again and another fight ensued. The suspects again got back into the truck. The victim allegedly grabbed and held the black male in the passenger seat. The truck drove away and the victim was dragged alongside the truck; until the victim lost his grip. The truck then allegedly ran over the victim. The victim was transported to WMC by medics, and suspects are still sought in the crime.