Boone Fire officials say the fire at Troy’s Diner Wednesday morning  was caused by electrical work done some time in the past.  The NC 105 Boone restaurant was found on fire just after 6 Wednesday morning, an employee inside called 9-1-1, saying the restaurant was filling with smoke and they were evacuating.  First arriving Boone Fire units found flames coming from the roof of the north end of the building, and they began the process of breaking through the shell of the building to reach the source of the fire, that while the ladder truck deployed a ladder over the roof to attack the fire there.  Boone Fire officials say that when the neon lights were removed from the upper edge of the exterior of the building, some of the wiring was somehow left exposed, and when the circuit was turned on, it arched and started the fire. Fire investigators say there were more than one spot where the wires were not secured, but only one caused the fire.  Damage was put at about $15,000 and the business was closed for repairs mainly to the outside of the building.






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