Action from the Boone Town Council will be a topic of the Watauga County Commission meeting this morning, but maybe not the topic the Town Council hoped the commission would have on the agenda.  On the commission agenda is a review of the action taken by the Boone Town Council on the matter of changes to their Unified Development Ordinance, specifically on the matter of appointments to the Boone Planning Commission from the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction area surrounding Boone. The commission will review changes made to the document from a collaboration of County Attorney Four Eggers and Town Attorney Sam Furgiuele, changes approved in a recent Boone Town Council meeting.  The commission may take action to concur with the changes, but the issue that overshadows whatever action is the change in sales tax distribution, changed last April by the Watauga Commission from per capita to ad valorem as a result of the conflict. That move cost the town near $2 million in the current budget.  In their March meeting, the Boone Town Council passed a resolution and passed it along to the county commission, requesting that the tax distribution be returned to per capita.  County Manager Deron Geouque said that the county received the resolution, and he said he is passing that along to the commissioners tomorrow as a matter of information, but he indicated the resolution came with no specific request for commission action. The commission communicates with the state by April 30th as to how to distribute collected sales tax in the county, and the town is hoping for action to change the distribution by that date, but it is not clear whether that will be considered by the commission in their meeting.  
Meanwhile, the Boone Town Council meets at the same time—8:30—working on their 2014-15 budget, focusing on capital needs and expenditures of the TDA. Their meeting is set for much of the day.