Hurricane force wind gusts hit the Linville area late Sunday morning, blasting a little snow into a blinding cyclone, and in the process, downing the iconic Grandfather Mountain sign at the intersection of NC 105 and US 221.  Meanwhile, on top of Grandfather, a state weather station recorded a wind gust of 92.5mph for yesterday, but did not give a time. It came after a night of howling winds, sustained at nearly 60 miles per hour, punctuated with blasts of wind caused numerous power outages, downed trees, and besides the Grandfather sign, took off at least one business roof in Ashe County, as well as flattening a structure on Shady Street and the Carolina Barbecue sign in Newland.  Reports of trees downed by the wind came in all day, with area fire departments and the DOT busy dealing with the mess. Many church and other activities were curtailed or cancelled due to the wind, ice, and snow from overnight Saturday to midday Sunday.