“Sheri Everts, you are in for a wonderful treat.  This is a great family. This is a great group of professionals that  are here—so don’t mess up.” Chancellor Ken Peacock led what seemed very much a pep rally, rallying in approval of the selection of the woman who will be the next chancellor at Appalachian State University. Students, faculty, trustees and community members filled the space in the main dining hall to hear from Shari Everts and get a sense of where Appalachian might go under her leadership, “You have so much to be proud of. The legacy you’ve built with Chancellor Peacock will provide the perfect strong foundation for further progress.  And I did hear Chancellor Peacock when he said ‘don’t screw it up.’ I know my number one job is to not break what you have already built.” And Everts said she and her husband are already falling in love with the university and the community, a process that started with their visit for interviews here. Everts will become the 7th ASU chancellor July 1st.