Boone Police have issued a warning about “distraction thefts,” said to be on the rise across the Nation.  The release said distraction theft usually is performed by at least two people, although some distraction thieves work alone. When two people work the scam as a team, it usually involves one person distracting the victim, while the other helps themselves to the victim's unattended belongings. The crafty thieves, according to police, accomplish their distraction in a variety of ways and will use every trick in the book to get inside your home. They may come to the door as a team, pretending to be inspectors, utility workers or sales people for magazines, roofing companies or other home improvements.  
To prevent distraction thefts, you should:

Demand identification and examine it closely.

Be skeptical of any stranger who asks to enter your home, and be especially wary if two people try to enter.  

Keep your back door locked so a scammer doesn’t have easy access while you are engaged on your front porch.

If you encounter someone you think might be a distraction thief, call the Boone Police Department at 828-268-6900 to report the incident.  If you feel threatened, call 911.