The devil proved to be in the details again between the Boone Town Council and Southern Appalachian Historical Association, producers of Horn in the West over first, the licensing agreement that would allow the production to take place at the Daniel Boone Amphitheater this summer as it has for over 60 years.  It seemed the more discussion, the more confusing, as the board struggled with their licensing structure for use of the property, trying to balance the theater use by SAHA and others that might want to make use of the property. Finally, Councilwoman Jennifer Pena pushed forward for a vote, “I like this license. I like it. Let’s do it. Go with that. Whoever is coming forward for Monday will present  to CRaB (Cultural Resources Board) and will bring it to us and we’ll decide from there what we’re doing with Monday. Can I get an ‘Amen?’” The vote might have been answered with an ‘amen,’ but it was a unanimous hands up that set the season in motion, but even after an hour of discussion, the devil reared his head with details over the next item, work at the theater that was approved 6 months ago, but has not taken place.  The town council had agreed to spend $20,000 to tear down a structure at the theater, then work with SAHA to do repairs, but no work has taken place and that item stuck the two boards for another 45-plus minutes, Planning and Inspections head Bill Bailey hitting the conflict head-on, “In the interest of moving forward, with the application that I have, I can authorize a demolition permit in order to begin work.  And, in fact, we will need to have that demolition permit in order to find out what the scope of work for the rest of it is.” In the end, it was agreed to do just that, with town staff and SAHA to move forward and report back to the council—somehow—in two weeks with their progress, tearing down a section, then finding out what work is needed to make the stage ready for the season.