A prisoner and two drivers were injured in a three-vehicle afternoon wreck that involved an Iredell County Sheriff’s vehicle in Boone yesterday.  The crash occurred on East King Street just before 4pm as Meghan Dugan of Charlotte stopped for traffic stopped in front of her, Nathaniel Waddell of West Jefferson stopping behind her. Boone Police say that’s when Waddell’s vehicle was struck in the rear by the Iredell Sheriff’s vehicle, driven by David Gray Maynard of Statesville, causing the Waddell vehicle to slam into Dugan’s Jeep. Watauga Medics called to the scene to check out three slight injuries, including the prisoner being transported, but none of the injured were transported by ambulance—only the prisoner, picked up by the Watauga Sheriff’s Office.  Damage to the Iredell Sheriff’s vehicle was listed at just under$10,000 and had to be loaded on a rollback wrecker and taken to impound for action of Iredell, but the other two vehicles were apparently drivable. The Boone Police report did not list charges.