A Tennessee state prison inmate who walked away from a work detail near Mountain City Thursday was recaptured in Johnson County several hours later. There was some community uproar over Joshua Baber, 24, being allowed on a work detail despite being convicted for several violent crimes, according to News Channel 11in Johnson City. Baber is an inmate at the Northeast Correction Facility Annex in Mountain City, TN and had seven years left on his prison sentence for aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, especially aggravated burglary charges in Blount and Sevier Counties.
The station quotes a circuit court document from Sevier County saying Joshua Baber reportedly kidnapped and took items from a group of two women and four men on June 13, 2010. The station said he allegedly held them at gunpoint and took several items from them, which included money, jewelry, medication and cigarettes. Baber was originally sentenced to 12 years in prison for the crime.