Three injuries were reported in a nearly head-on crash between a pickup truck and a rollback wrecker on US 421 Monday morning.  The crash occurred at about 8am at the Vanderpool Road intersection, State Trooper Townsend reporting that the crash occurred as Terry Jones of Vilas pulled form Vanderpool onto 421, his Ford Pickup slamming into the rollback wrecker of Carl Stines of Elk Park. The pickup ended against the far side guardrail while the rollback ran over the guardrail and down a steep embankment, ending up with at least one of the victims entrapped in the wreckage. Watauga Medics, Cove Creek Fire/First responders, and Watauga Rescue all converged on the scene to deal with the injured and the snarled traffic, while the trooper Townsend cited Terry Jones, 43, with Failure to Yield in the crash that heavily damaged both trucks.