There were several tense hours mid afternoon yesterday as an apparent explosive device was found along an Ashe County Road, causing a call for a bomb disposal team.  Ashe Sheriff James Williams said that one of his off-duty deputies was notified just after 3pm by a resident of the Warrensville area that what appeared to be a computer bag was found along Campbell Road not too far from Ashe Middle School and Blue Ridge Elementary, churches and many dwellings.  The deputy called for the on-call detective as he spotted wires inside the bag that seemed to connect to something labeled ‘explosive,’ and that led to the closing of Campbell Road from Teaberry Road to Staggs Creek, which connects back to NC 88 West. Sheriff Williams said that the bomb squad of the Wilkes Sheriff’s Office came to the scene and dealt with the package, said to contain several sticks of dynamite and detonation cord, items Williams said may have been stolen. Warrensville Fire kept the scene clear, closing off the section of road for several hours as the explosives were dealt with.