The doors were opened and the crowds came—the Watauga Board of Elections holding an open session to hear ideas from the public as to where to vote in One-Stop voting.  The task for the board has changed with new legislation restricting polling places from being located at privately owned facilities like churches, and schools are now off of the list with more safety concerns.  But the board must utilize the hours of voting operations set by the general assembly and come up with its own plan for voting.  With that backdrop, the board held the two-hour open session to hear from the public at the commissioners meeting room, and a crowd gathered—this time without signs and protests, and the information exchange is pretty much what board chair Luke Eggers said he was seeking, “We have to supply 272 hours (of one stop voting) in two weeks, so we have the same hours we have to provide in two weeks, so it’s going to have to look different , and with that being said, where do we put it? How do we meet all those hours. And that’s what I want to get out of this.” Where do we have  Democratic member Kathleen Campbell still had concerns about the meeting format, “My personal opinion is that only a few people are getting attention, and I think it would work better if we had it a little more formal so that people could come up and express their thoughts.” The board will decide in a meeting later this week.