An  Ashe  County  man  pleaded  guilty  in  federal  court  today to defrauding consumers  of nearly $5 million by misbranding  erectile dysfunction drugs  and selling them  as “all natural”  herbal  supplements,  according to  Anne  M.  Tompkins,  U.S.  Attorney  for  the Western District of North Carolina. She and Agents of the Food and Drug Administration, Inspectors of the Charlotte Division of the U.S. Postal  Inspection Service makde today’s announcement.  Kamran Rezapour,  52,  of  Creston,  N.C. pleaded  guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge David  Keesler  to  one  count  of  wire  fraud  and  two  counts  of  drug  misbranding.   At  today’s  plea hearing, Rezapour admitted that from  2009  through  April 2013, he  defrauded consumers of nearly $5 million, by fraudulently and falsely claiming that his erectile dysfunction products were “100 % safe  and natural.”  Rezapour  admitted  that  his  products,  in fact,  contained  ingredients  similar to prescription  drugs  such  as  Viagra,  which  require  FDA  approval  to  market  and  distribute. According to court documents, Rezapour was the owner and operator of Nutrition for Health, Inc. and  Mojo  Risen,  LLC.   Through  these  companies,  Rezapour  sold  dietary  supplements,  male enhancement  drugs  and  erectile  dysfunction  drugs,  including  Mojo  Risen, Mojo Sensation and VajiVedic. According  to  court  records,  Rezapour  and  his  Chinese  supplier  evaded  detection  of  the pharmaceutical and prescription compounds  by U.S.  Customs authorities and the FDA  by falsely labeling  the  packages  as  “paint  products,”  “care  products”  and  “gifts.” At sentencing, Rezapour  faces a maximum  prison term of  20  years  and a $250,000 fine for  the wire fraud charge and a maximum prison term of three years and a $250,000 fine for each count of misbranding drugs.