Hotelier Barry Damon Malletere is scheduled to appear in Watauga court tomorrow and enter pleas after three indictments of involuntary manslaughter and one count of assault inflicting serious injury were filed against Mallatere January 8th. Malletere was president and in charge of the Appalachian Hospitality Management overseeing the Boone Best Western Hotel when Daryl Jenkins and his wife, Shirley died in room 225 in April last year while visiting from Longview, Washington, and seven weeks later 11-year-old Jeffrey Williams of Rock Hill died in the same room. His mother, Jeannie, nearly died, and suffered life-long injury due to the exposure to the carbon monoxide that seeped into the room from the pool area just a floor below.  A faulty exhaust on a replacement heater was to blame, according to investigators. In statements released by a Hickory attorney on his behalf, Malletere seems to have accepted some fault in the incidents at the hotel but pointed out culpability on the part of the firm that did the work, work inspected by and signed off on by a Town of Boone inspector.