More utility scam calls are being reported by area electric utility companies, the latest reported by BREMCO yesterday morning, as a local customer received the call demanding immediate payment, which the customer made, only to find out in a follow-up call to the utility, that BREMCO makes no such calls, and that they were scammed out of their money. Then Mountain Electric reported that the same scam is being used extensively through their service area, and likewise warned customers. BREMCO cautions customers that they will not make collection calls, and that you can call 264-8894 to verify—or even on line at  The callers have gotten so sophisticated that they even give a number themselves to their victims to verify, a number answered as if it was a BREMCO office.  Again, BREMCO will not make such calls to customers, so any time you get such a call, it is more than likely a scam.