There’s still fallout from the last blast of cold weather to hit the area last week, as a frozen pipe may have contributed to the collapsing of a wall at a Highway 321 business Saturday. The two men escaped injury as the wall collapsed, nearly trapping them in the Caldwell gun store. Heavy rain and bitterly cold temperatures from the earlier part of last week  are being blamed  for the damage at  Smilin Equipment  Guns, Ammo, and Fishing store is something Tim Hartley said he will never forget. Customer Tim Hartley said he was reading a magazine when he and owner Reggie Wallin heard a popping sound and then saw cracks in the wall.  Wallin, told Hartley, "It looks like the wall is a coming in," and the two grabbed a few things and got them out of the store before, as he said, “The whole wall came in. " Because it is a gun shop, firefighters found themselves in a dilemma in that they could not leave the store unattended, so they spent Saturday trying to shore up the structure to allow the owner to go back inside and retrieve some of the firearms, still battling heavy rains much of Saturday at the scene.   On the cause, Wallin and Hartley said they had worked on a broken one inch waterline behind the business that froze earlier last week. They stopped that work because of the heavy rain and lightning, and minutes later the wall gave way.  No one was hurt.

Photos: Dave Faherty, WSOC-TV