An ambulance responding to an emergency call was involved in a collision on US 421 in Wilkesboro late Tuesday afternoon, leading to charges for a North Wilkesboro driver. The 5:45pm crash occurred as Wilkes EMS driver John David Cox Jr. was traveling 421 approaching Curtis Bridge Road, police saying that lights and siren were on at the time.  Cox said that the light turned green for Curtis Bridge Road traffic as he reached the intersection, but that the ’95 Toyota there stayed in place, the driver appearing to recognize the emergency vehicle, but as the ambulance entered the intersection, James Allen Parks of North Wilkesboro drove into the intersection and collided with the ambulance. Parks told police that he did not see or hear the ambulance, but in spite of the light being green in his direction, Wilkesboro Police cited James Allen Parks with the Unsafe Movement that led to the crash and for Driving While License Revoked. The nearly new ambulance suffered $1500 damage, the ’95 Toyota $1000 in damage, but there were no injuries reported.