Area fire departments—especially the Boone Fire Department—responded to many calls of fire alarms since mid-day Monday as pipes began to thaw from the extreme cold of Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the pipes tied to fire suppression and sprinkler systems in many cases, setting off the alarm systems when water flowed. Mike Teague from Boone Fire said mid-day Monday to Thursday morning, Boone Fire ran 66 calls—most of them water flowing from sprinkler systems, sometimes 4 and 5 calls in an hour. In some cases, firemen were called in just to help stave off or at least minimize damage from flooding to structures from burst pipes, but all in all, with no actual fires, it was an extremely busy couple of days for firemen. Now sprinkler contractors will have a very busy time fixing all the leaks.
There was a fire—a house fire—in Wilkes County, with Wilkesboro and Millers Creek responding to a fire call late yesterday afternoon on Pads Road. Damage was extensive in the fire, causing Wilkes County American Red Cross volunteers to respond to the 446 Pads Rd, Wilkesboro home to provide assistance.  Their release said they assisted the family of two adults by providing food, warm clothing and coats as well as arranging lodging. They have been referred to the Red Cross Emergency Services Department for further assistance.