One injury accident was reported in the morning weather melee yesterday, a two vehicle crash on Winklers Creek Road at Wyndham way.  The state patrol said the 10:10am crash occurred as Meredith Boothe skidded into the oncoming lane on Winklers Creek, the left front of her gray Honda Element slamming into the left front of a white Chevy pickup, the impact causing airbags to deploy in both. Watauga Medics and Boone Fire came to the scene, but no one was transported.
Then there was the trouble on Friendship Church Road in the early afternoon, with several vehicles off of the road—some jackknifed, some sliding off of the road, and one—a Honda Ridgeliner—stopped precariously hanging over the edge of the road.  The driver called 9-1-1 to say if he let off of the brake, his vehicle would careen down a steep embankment, causing Boone Fire to work their way around other wrecks to get to the scene, holding the vehicle until a wrecker could arrive at the scene.

Photo:  Dave Faherty, WSOC-TV