We’re about to have another visit from the North Pole, but it does not involve a jolly old elf.  A blast of polar air is on our doorsteps, and many activities for today—including all the school systems in the area are off. Today is a relatively mild cold, but the reality of the weather by tomorrow morning looks ominous. But before the full effect of the cold hits, you may have some time to prepare for some of the coldest weather many of us have ever seen, with predictions for below zero low temps Tuesday and Wednesday, accompanied by snow, ice, and winds that will push the wind chill from minus 20 to nearly minus 30, according to some prediction models.  The cold late last week has seen trouble for frozen pipes, some setting off fire alarms, but today you can take steps to weather the weather, wrapping pipes and taking steps against the wind driven cold. The blast of cold will settle in for at least two days, with some improvement seen by Thursday.