The weather turned treacherous as the morning hours brought some freezing precipitation—mostly in the form of rain, freezing on road surfaces.  First areas reporting wrecks from the rain were in Ashe County, where a vehicle overturned on US 221, but then the action switched to US 221 in the Crossnore area of Avery County, where Drug Store Hill became a skating rink, and vehicles began running off of the highway and colliding with each other.  At one point, emergency services reported 10 vehicles crashed in one stretch, prompting the closing of the stretch from near Linville to near the Avery-McDowell line.  Then Ashe reported more wrecks, one in Lansing, another on NC 163 in the Obids area where bridge icing is reported. Avery Schools called off their afternoon, dismissing most schools at 12:30, Newland at noon, hoping for a safe trip home for their students. Salt trucks from the NC DOT hit the roads in the area to help out in the commute, but caution is the word for the day.