Wilkes Community College was forced to return money to the state after an audit earlier this year. The annual audit conducted by N.C. Community College System staff found that attendance wasn’t recorded

for some class hours used as the basis for reimbursement from the state based on a review of WCC’s continuing education enrollment records for 2011-12.


The college, in all, returned $56,396 to the state. The report found that 7,927.50 class hours of continuing education in 11 classes were out of compliance with the State Board of Community College Code. State funding of colleges is largely based on full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollments. The state reimburses colleges $5,312 per student in high-cost degree programs such as health care, $4,837 per student for other certificate earning programs and $4,361 for continuing education classes. WCC officials didn’t appeal the findings of the audit.