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Blowing Rock Candidates talk water woes PDF Print
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 05:37

img_1436_small.jpg Water was the hot topic at the Blowing Rock Candidate’s Forum last night.

Currently, Blowing Rock is on a moratorium due to its water situation, and is desperately seeking alternate water sources. Incumbent Rita Wiseman says there’s no easy fix.


img_1443_small.jpg"You can't get blood from a turnip and it's hard to get water from a rock. There really aren't simple, easy, cost effective solutions to the water shortage," she said.


She’s encouraging an interconnection with Boone and Appalachian State University water systems.



 That’s not good enough for candidate Patsy Fountain.



"What I was told... that hooking up with Boone would be wonderful... but it would be about ten years. To me, we don't have ten years," she said.





Candidate Albert Yount agrees it’s time for desperate measures.


 "It appears the government is stonewalling our town because our reservoir is on government property. They don't want us to raise the dam or dredge the lake... since we have the right of eminent domain as a town, I think we should just take the thing," he said.


He also suggested recycling wastewater as a town.


 Candidate Phillip Pickett was less confrontational about the water issue.


"We can't fight for what few drops we have in the mountains. We're going to have to work together," he said.


He says the Boone/ASU interconnection is probably the best solution.


Incumbent Mayor J.B. Lawrence met with ASU, Boone and state officials- and had some bad news, courtesy of DENR.


"Their forecast is that next year the drought will be worse than it is this year," Lawrence said.


He says the Boone/ASU interconnection is the only long-term fix.


Wiseman, Fountain, Yount and Pickett are fighting for two council seats. Mayor Lawrence is running unopposed. One-stop voting is up and running, and Election Day is November 6.

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