When someone hears “good news” from a law enforcement officer, they usually think of being told that they don’t have jury duty or they aren’t receiving a citation.  However, there is a group of officers with the Avery County Sheriff’s Office that have a different slant on good news. They are called “The Peacemakers” and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through their music.  Comprised of Sgt. Rick Wise, Deputy Detective Natalie Cook, Deputy SRO, Bob Johnson, retired Banner Elk Police Chief Jay Hefner, musicians Jim Horney, Chris Goforth and Rev. Donnie Thomas, this group travels to many churches and other locations where they sing and play gospel music.  Officer Bob Johnson says “we are all Christians and our main focus is promoting the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”.  Although they enforce the law on a regular basis, there is a different side to these officers where their faith in God is most important and is placed first and foremost in their lives.    The officers at the Avery County Sheriff’s office are also led by example, as Sheriff Frye regularly professes his faith in God. It is comforting to know that there are men and women in our local law enforcement who have this type of faith and belief.  If you would like to have this group of officers at your church or meeting, feel free to contact them.