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Letter: Capstone Criticized for Cottages of Boone PDF Print
Written by Lillian West   
Thursday, 29 August 2013 06:11

It amazes me to no end that the management Capstone Collegiate (Cottages of Boone)knew of the building delays and proceeded to lie to the parents/students/families on when they can take occupancy is unethical. To be told the delay would only be 30 days and no more, to get them into hotels and to find out from Facebook and rumors inside the hotel that your unit/cottage doesn’t even have its foundation poured yet and not from Capstone is unconscionable  and the delay maybe more like 90+ days if the weather is good. Hello you’re in Boone really? That’s a semester on a student. To expect to live in eating mostly fast food when they are not on campus cause there is no facility to cook at the hotels . Oh and the $15.00 per day per diem is only applied after you have taken residence in your cottage and will be applied to your rent. The company should have been honest and upfront to start with and let the holders of these leases be able to make an informed decision possibly find a short term lease elsewhere or to break the contract with  Capstone since they were not going to be able to deliver as outlined in their signed contracts. Instead the students are placed into hotels have to shuffled around and when they question the office about the delay they are finally told oh yeah it’s going to be a while, you can be released out of your contract we will return all you paid in however we are going to charge you for the hotel bill as well. To me this is morally and ethically wrong to do this to these students/families. If they were given the proper information to start with and been allowed to make an informed decision and not be tricked by Capstone so they can continue to make money and say they have it all leased is in abomination and fraudulent .I believe Capstone should give the students/ families all of their money back and suck it up for their mistakes/delays and pay the hotel bill for these students. Now the ones that have been released have had to scramble between their classes for a new place to live, leave more application fees, deposits and rent again while they wait for their partial return of money from Capstone which will be about 14 days. How they are getting away with this and being held accountable for the fraud on these students is beyond me and when questioned on this to be told this is our stand and you can file a complaint with whomever you like.These students and families should not have to deal this not now not ever.
Lillian West

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